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Green Mountain 42

We are Gail and Rob Robertson of Bellville, Texas. We have owned and raised Morgans of Lippitt lines for over twenty years. We love their personalities, their hardiness and the historic “look” of the Lippitt family.

Moro Hill Magnolia

Moro Hill Magnolia (Moro Hill Manito X Moro Hill Monique) was purchased as a three year old from Jon and Sherry Rivers of Forestburg, Texas. She is now 29 years old and is still my equine partner. Magnolia has produced three daughters and one son under the Open Road prefix, and was leased to Jon and Sherry after the loss of Moro Hill Manito to produce a daughter for them sired by Winloc Major Gifford. More information on our Lippitts are in the pages to follow.

We have continued our breeding program with Magnolia’s son Open Road Blaze of Glory (M Classic Ideal Image X Moro Hill Magnolia) and her daughter Open Road Carrie Moro (Jake Mint X Moro Hill Magnolia) and River Riders Riverdance (Moro Hills Micah X River Riders Rhapsody). If you are looking for an athletic partner, visit our farm. We enjoy visitors, but request you make an appointment.

Open Road Morgans

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